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2016/2017 Kit Packs Now Available

FC’12 is one of the leading creators of kits in the Football Manager community, we are delighted to have them available for you to use in your save now.

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At TheFootballManagers few things are as important to us than the community and here is where we aim to give back. There are tons of great bloggers, YouTubers and Streamers out there and we want to make sure you can find them all. Here will will give you a glimpse into this weeks hottest community picks for you to check out. Remember to drop us links in the forums so we can find your content and who knows, maybe you too will end up here!

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Fm Yank brings you a series with Le Harve in France. With a plan to control France but using French players, not using the big money of other sides, he will focus on developing talent!


The Northman brings you ‘The Journey of Bram Ellison’. A fictional character who grew to fame on a FM16 save that The Northman did with FC United of Manchester.


A fixture in the FM YouTube community for quite some time, GoldenFM has decided to do the ultimate test. Creating a team from nothing, he will be only signing Regens, how will this save go? Find out now.


He does not have a cultured left foot but he is a great FM player. Challenging himself with NK Maribor, he is determined to make them a great side in Europe, ever since he saw them on FIFA.


JNO FM, a youtuber who sucks you in, a great series has started with fans favorite AFC Wimbledon and his home town. He is normally a top level manager so how will managing in the lower leagues go?


Der FM, a youtuber who can make words come to live, word porn as it has been called. He is a German looking to rise with this career, managing at Jena to begin but where will he end up…

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